Happy Spalloween!


A friend asked me if I was ready for Halloween and I told her I was still searching for those large orange pumpkins like the ones I spotted two years ago. So far, all I've seen are those as huge as bell peppers. That's going to be difficult to carve this year.

Then, after dinner, I decided to mix seaweed and other ingredients to come up with a sticky green mask. Oooh, I thought I looked absolutely gorgeous with the green shade. So, since we're on the topic of spa treatments, I decided this would be fitting as a Happy Spalloween issue. We've got a couple of recipes to make you BOOtiful :-)

Simple Seaweed Bath

What you need:

4 oz dried seaweed
1 pair of old stockings

No, the stockings are not to be worn over your head as a costume! Cut the stockings in half, so you can fill them with the dried seaweed. Tie the stockings together and fill your bathtub with hot water. You may hang the stockings over the faucet if you don't like this floating around.

Soak in the seaweed and relax. Feel the gel from the seaweed on your skin. Great way to relax and receive the nutrients from these ocean vegetables.

When you're done, don't throw away the seaweed in the trash. You can mix them in your garden soil.

Seaweed and Avocado Facial Scrub

one tablespoon seaweed powder
half an avocado (eat the other half as yo please)
lemon juice
1/2 cup sea salt

Mix the ingredients altogether. Although this may be tempting to eat, apply this on your face with a brush or your hand. Leave on for about 15 minutes. Gives you time to prepare some Halloween kiddie treats while you let this mixture do its thing.

Wash well and feel how supple your face can get!

The following article doesn't contain seaweed but we thought it would help everyone in staying stress-free...

Nix “Spirit of the Glass” on Halloween.
Call on your Inner Spirit —and Meditate instead!

Halloween — that time of the year to spook and be spooked! And while it is a time to have fun, Halloween preparations can play tricks on your mind as well your body.

So instead of breezing through the many “scary” activities – parties galore and whatnot – you end up feeling stressed. And you know what that means. If you’re in stressful state of mind, you’ll find it hard to focus, which often leads to endless worrying.

Learn to deal with stress by turning to meditation. Meditation techniques help a person achieve a calm state of mind, but you have to practice it until you’ve conditioned your mind to instantaneously achieve this peaceful state.

Here’s a simple guide to help you start with meditation:

Step One – Find a quiet corner to start your meditation. Distraction is a hindrance specially when you’re just starting out. Find a place in your home where noise is non-existent. Close your windows and lock your door.

Remember: your sense of hearing will be twice as sharp when your eyes are closed so it will be hard to concentrate if there are noises around you.

Step Two – Ready your position. Never lie down when practicing meditation since the aim here is not to sleep and it’s a guarantee that you’ll immediately fall asleep if your mind reaches a calm state. Start in lotus position or find a chair you can sit on. Make sure that your back is straight and your hands are relaxed on the armrest or on your lap.

Step 3 – Begin by breathing properly. Proper breathing is a good way to start meditation. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This will help you come up with a rhythm that you can focus on. Do the breathing exercise until you can do it easily without having to think about it.

Step 4 – Focus on your mind. While you’re concentrating on your breathing, you’ll achieve a state wherein your mind will start “throwing” images at you, mostly in random – fears, problems, events of the day, whatever. You’re not supposed to ignore them. Focus on these thoughts without really paying any attention to them.

To illustrate random thoughts: You know that you have furniture in the house. You can see the furniture clearly with your eyes, but you’re not really concentrating on it. If you focus on it, you’ll notice its color, material, how it looks in that part of your home and more. You need to be able to look at it these thoughts in a detached state – seeing them in your head but not focusing your thought on them.

There will come a time when these thoughts will stop you and you’ll notice that you are in that blank space in your mind – this is the state you want to achieve during meditation. This is the place where you can think about your problem and focus on it until you find the perfect solution. Once you’re achieved this state, you have mastered the basics of meditation – successfully.

Enjoy Halloween!