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What's with Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida)? There's more to seaweed than just nori - normally, this is the first seaweed that comes to mind by most people. Well, this issue, we talk about wakame, normally used in miso soup (yum). Wakame has been used for centuries by the Japanese and the Koreans to enhance not only the taste of dishes but also to pack in the healthy benefits of this wonderful sea vegetable.

Seaweed Recipes featuring Wakame
These are wakame recipes collected from our site and from other sites. Enjoy! Miso soup
Wakame salad from Gone Raw
Wakame seaweed and cucumber salad
Clear soup with wakame
Wakame shiitake soup

Seaweed Nutrition Wakame has one of the highest sources of calcium. It is rich in B complex vitamins, vitamins A, C and K. Excellent source of protein, chromium, iron, phospohorous, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Wakame is normally air dried or sun dried on lines like it is traditionally done in Japan. Thought I'd add some fun to the newsletter. I found this on Twitter! Robert does comic strips and he shared with me this one he did on wakame.


Seaweed How-to Preparing wakame. Briefly wash and soak the wakame seaweed for 5 minutes then squeeze out excess moisture with your hands. Cut into small pieces and cook well. Can be eaten fresh, presoaked or marinated. If you were able to get hold of fresh wakame, then consider soaking until about 30 minutes to reduce the saltiness. There are green and brown wakame. My preference is the green type.

Health Benefits of Wakame

[sashimi wakame break]
Aids congestion
Detoxifies body tissues
Eases cough
Inhibits tumors
Lowers blood pressure
Prevents arteriosclerosis
Purifies the blood
Softens hard tissue
Strengthens liver
Treats nicotine poisoning

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