Celebrate Seaweed Day

Japan celebrates seaweed day every Feb 6! Several centuries ago, in 710, nori was considered a prized treasure fit for a king. In this case, emperor. Today, seaweed isn't just for royalty anymore. Nori is now daily eaten in one way or another in Japan. It's in miso soup, chopped up in salad or rolled around sushi (yum). And not only the Japanese eat it - there are sushi restaurants in almost all major cities in the world!

And since February has Valentine's Day, we're screaming from our rooftops - we love seaweed!

Seaweed Recipes featuring Nori Since the focus this month is on the celebration of the nori seaweed, here are some nori seaweed recipes found on our site and on other sites.
Mochiko Chicken
Spam Musubi
Salmon and Avocado Nori Rolls
Zaru Soba (includes how to cut nori strips)
Nori Snack
Egg Nori Rolls
Chef Joey's Vegan Nori Pizza

Seaweed How-to
Since seaweed isn't the usual veggie on every household's shopping list, it would be great to know how to prepare them. We're featuring nori for this issue. Please check the zaru soba page for the video.

Seaweed Nutrition: Nori
The taste of nori is slightly meaty, and happens to have the highest in protein compared to the other seaweeds. Aside from protein, nori contains:

calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, porphyran, copper, zinc, and vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K.

Health Benefits of Nori
Below are the benefits you might not know nori does for our body.

  • decreases swelling
  • eases painful and difficult urination
  • eases sore throat
  • inhibits tumors
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers cholesterol
  • prevents gall stones
  • prevents hair loss
  • promotes cardiovascular health
  • protects the liver
  • softens and reduces nodules and fatty cysts
  • strengthens circulation
  • treats bacterial and viral infections
  • treats goiter
  • treats thiamine deficiency
  • treats urinary infection

This is it for this issue, short but sweet. Enjoy the rest of February and we'll be in touch again soon!

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