Adding Seaweed to Recipes

by Janet
(Salt Lake City)

I want to sneak some seaweed into some foods my family already likes. Please offer suggestions.

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May 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I bought spirulina in the dry powder form. My problem is that it sticks like glue to the glass, spoon, whatever and clumps in a smoothie capsule form just as potent.....and is there a liquid that would dissolve the powder instantly.......or some way to ingest it without the glue sticking mess.....

Jul 18, 2010
adding seaweed to dishes
by: Anonymous

We have a sea vege in New Zealand called 'Karengo' , i often wet it with sesame oil and sea salt, then crisp in the ovean, like this it is tasty and accepted.

Nov 05, 2010
preventing clumping of spiroliena
by: Anonymous

Drinking spirolena with juice or some kind of drink will help prevent the clumping

Jan 23, 2012
Adding seaweed to recipes
by: Mica

A simple way to add seaweed is to add in a strip of kombu when you cook rice. We have seaweed at home and my sons don't eat it if they can recognize it.

Another way is to add wakame in soup and salads. chop them up into smaller pieces to avoid any questions :-) After the meal, I ask if the food was good. If it was a yes, I tell them they had seaweed.

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