Can i grow my own seaweed in a tank at home in the city?

by Khepe-Ra
(New Bedford, MA, USA)

Can I grow my own seaweed in a tank at home in the city? And if so, can you please tell me how?
Khepe-Ra, Massachusetts USA

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Can i grow my own seaweed in a tank at home in the city?

Jul 16, 2010
Growing your own seaweed in a tank
by: Mica

I've never done this and I think, if it is possible, will take a lot of work. Seaweed needs sea water.

You could try an alternative. How about planting Okahijiki in the garden? This type of veggie is used in Japanese cuisine and has an interesting crunchy taste.

It's known as land seaweed and grows in marshes. It's not really seaweed and is part of the tumbleweeds family (salsola family).

I just ordered seeds online and will plant them in the garden! They look great!

Jun 24, 2011
Growing your own seaweed in a tank - Yes
by: monica

yes, u can grow your own seaweed in tank just like fish.if u cant get the seawater, u can use artificial salt and make the salinity around 30 ppt.just like fish, u have to make sure the aeration is working because seaweed also require Dissolve Oxygen for its growth. and dont forget to put Hoagland solution (fertilizer for seaweed growth) as their feed..good luck

Jan 02, 2013
Yes you can grow seaweed at home NEW
by: SantaMonica

The new UAS seaweed cultivators, which you can build with lights and air pumps, will allow you to grow seaweed at home in containers. Eventually there will units you can buy, but for now you can build them.

Based on the type of seaweed you want, you may need to order the seeds from a supplier. But the rest of the growing you can do in your kitchen.

Jun 20, 2013
you can try and grow spirulina NEW
by: Ronen

if you want to try and grow spirulina at home- it is possible. you can try and get the parts yourself or rech this store online
and get all the stuff and information you need.
happy growing!