Crispy seaweed --
a healthy snack choice

by Rissa C. Gimenez

Crispy seaweed for a snack attack

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A snack attack on chips and packaged cookies has long been outlawed in our family. But when my sister flew home from Singapore last weekend and pulled out a bag of crispy seaweed from her carryall, I asked, “Hmmm…can I take a look at the label?”

It was 12 noon when we piled back into the car at the airport, and headed for my Mom’s place. Since hunger started to sneak in, and Mom’s place was close to an hour’s drive away, we decided to snack on the pack of seaweed! Crunch. Munch. Chomp. The wasabi-flavored seaweed crisps were awesome! And the kids enjoyed the milder, original seaweed flavor!

Of course, there’s nothing like snacking on natural, real foods.

Some quick fixes that give the energy and nutrition we need in between meals include popcorn, fruit, veggies, nuts, yogurt, and a piece of whole-grain bread with peanut butter. It’s always best to avoid high-sugar, high-fat treats since these won't keep us satisfied very long. But for long car rides like this, go ahead —and please pass the seaweed crisps!

PS We've got another sister in Singapore, Maya, who enjoys the crispy seaweed snack, she's written about it here.

Prepare your own healthy snack. All you need are:

    Nori sheets
    Salt, preferably sea salt
    Sesame oil

Simple instructions:

    Heat your non-stick skillet over medium heat.
    For easy application, brush the sesame oil on both sides of the nori sheet then sprinkle lightly with salt.
    All it takes is about 15 to 20 seconds each side.
    Cut to bite-size pieces.
    And it's ready!

Here's the video instruction:

TIP: If your children cringe at just even the thought of eating seaweed, why not let them try these seaweed crisps? Most kids are used to munching on something that comes from a pack - like potato chips. The seaweed crisps will introduce them to a new flavor -- once they give this snack attack the thumbs up, you're ready for the next step... proceed from our crispy seaweed page to our seaweed recipes page!

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