DANCE with seaweed

Dance with seaweed, you ask? Yes, and to the tune of super nutrition.

It’s a fact of life that although we cannot totally put the brakes on aging, we certainly can do our bit to delay its effects.

How? By regenerating our bodies faster than allowing it to deteriorate.

Natural therapists recognize that our bodies are powerful self-healing and self-regenerating organisms. When given real tender loving care, it will heal itself.

It’s an innate power programmed in our DNA for eons and eons. And all we need to do is take action and take charge of our self-healing power. Our first step? Dance with seaweed!

Let me explain.

Making smart food choices daily is the cornerstone of good physical health. With those smart choices, our well-fueled body can harmoniously “dance” in the pink of health or sashay to wellness. When the body dances, it efficiently…

    D detoxifies
    A absorbs
    N nourishes
    C circulates
    E eliminates
…The very pillars of self-regeneration and self-healing!

But what’s seaweed got to do with it?

Our busy lifestyle can make it difficult for us to get well nourished. We wake up to canned breakfast, grab fast food in between meetings or errands, and don’t always have time to whip up nutritious meals. And even if we did have some time, can we really get the complete nourishment we need from the food we eat these days?

If only, we could simply “pop” super nutrition “into our mouths”. It would surely make up for the much needed nutrients we miss daily.

Seaweed… The ocean’s “super” food that “super” fuels our bodies to D.A.N.C.E.!

Ocean vegetables or sea vegetables, more popularly known as seaweed, are the most complete and nutrient-dense food on the planet. These glorious plants harvested from pristine ocean waters, provides us with the most “synergistic” and “nutritionally-balanced” range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibers, antioxidants, and phytonutrients unlike any land vegetable or plant grown on soil. No wonder our coastal ancestors lived long, healthy, disease-free lives!

Seaweed or ocean vegetables are
hardworking, powerful multi-taskers that…

D - Detoxifies pollutants and heavy metals. Seaweeds are great toxin scavengers. Their chelating properties “claw out” chemicals and impure sludge that accumulate in the body due to toxin build-up from food, unclean water, and a polluted environment.

A - Absorbs well by our bodies. Seaweeds are incredibly mineral-rich. They contain the right amount of minerals and trace elements (all 56 of them!) the body needs for super health. And what’s great about it is that these minerals are easily assimilated by the body.

N - Nourish our bodies completely by supplying the most essential nutrients needed (better than land veggies) to keep our bodies strong, disease-free and healthy. Seaweeds have been proven to prolong life when consumed daily. A great antidote for aging!

C - Circulates the multi-nourishment to boost every cell in our body. The minerals in seaweeds speed up metabolism and increases circulation. And because they contain chlorophyll – the highest known vegetable source – seaweeds are exceptional blood purifiers, too.

E - Eliminates wastes and impure sludge. Seaweeds are virtually fat-free and rich in fiber, thus seaweeds sweeps our GI tract and aids in digestion. They also lower bowel transit time thus, help in weight loss and proper elimination.

Yes, ocean vegetables simply “dance” with our bodies to support the 5 pillars of good health! Ultimately delaying our face and body deterioration! Shall we dance? Get down and dance with seaweed ;-)

Let's dance with seaweed!

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