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Thinking of ways to detox your body but haven't done anything about it yet? Think of this - everyday we expose our body to environmental toxins and food additives. We breathe in, eat, drink and touch toxins - everyday. Toxins are the unwanted or unfriendly visitors our bodies receive. Air pollution, chemical additives in our food and drinks, solvents in our homes. We don't have to lose sleep over it. Certain foods, mostly fruits and vegetables, detoxify our bodies.

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It's time to detox your body when you've abused it. Toxins affect the proper functioning of our internal system. So even if we eat right, the assimilation of nutrients in the body gets derailed as toxins build up along the intestinal walls. The result? Toxic “sludge” or debris.

We need to “cleanse” our body, to flush out harmful toxins, so we stay healthy and rejuvenated. An effective system cleansing zeroes in on proper elimination (colon) and detoxification (liver).

Fiber provides the “bulk” that aids in regular bowel movement and one of the best sources of fiber (aside from fruits and oats) is sea vegetables. These astonishing sea vegetables help rid the body of heavy metals like lead, mercury and other pollutants. These toxic elements are converted into harmless salts that our bodies simply flush away.

Ways to detox your body with seaweed
  • A simple way to detox your body is for you to include seaweed in soups and salads. The nutrients and minerals in seaweed enter our body, attract the toxins such as metals and chemicals, and escort these outside the body through elimination.
  • Our skin's pores take in stuff from the environment (oh no) but this also means that toxins inside are also expelled through the pores. Taking regular seaweed detox baths help in releasing the toxins that might have found their way into your body. A truly pleasurable way to detox!
  • A seaweed mask draws out the impurities in our skin making us feel better, look better and rested. Regularly adding this as a ritual does wonders to our well being.
  • Some detox teas on the market contain seaweed. But I must remind you, let your body take a break after two weeks of drinking the same kind of seaweed tea.

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But is there such a thing as ‘detoxification symptoms’?

Detoxification, or detox, symptoms usually appear with lifestyle change--when you’re starting something new, e.g., changing your diet, or discontinuing a current habit such as drinking coffee or soda.

You may experience dizziness, headache, diarrhea, fever, hardening of the stool, cough, and itchy skin. Since these symptoms mimic those of certain illnesses, it can be a bit confusing. So it’s best to get over the most important obstacle: understanding the contradiction.

For example: if you’re a soda drinker and you stop drinking soda for a while, you may notice that you may have less energy and may even have a headache.

The body detox symptoms (as stated in old Chinese Medicine text “Sheung Shu”) are temporary and the duration may vary from person to person, depending on how much toxins are being flushed out of the body. As you gets rid of more toxins, you will notice that your body is adapting to a period of recovery resulting to a better state of well-being.

So when you experience detoxification symptoms, the best advice is rest. Rest, cut back on your social and business engagements, eat more fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water. To learn more on the various programs available to detox your body and which one is right for you, check out Whole Body Detox Diet .


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