Digestion benefits of seaweed

by Joyce
(pgh, pa)


Photo by kattebelletje

I have heard that there are digestive benefits of seaweed such as helping with the breakdown of beans, etc., and gas.

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Re: Digestion benefits of seaweed
by: Mica

The seaweed used to improve the beans to take away the gas is kombu. Add a strip of kombu when you soak the beans overnight. The soaking eliminates some of the oligosaccharides in the beans. These are a type of sugar molecule with is also found in cabbage.

These sugar molecules are eaten and digested by bacteria in the large intestine. The digestion process of these bacteria is what causes the flatulence in us.

So, if you add kombu to the beans during a soak, this lessens the happy sounds after meal time :-)

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