Do you know anything about riverweed?

by Tricia
(Zambales on my mind)

Have you heard of riverweed? In the rivers and creeks off our farm in Zambales, we would harvest what the locals call Bala Iba or Eve's hair. It is light green in color, has long straight strands, has the same texture and characteristics as seaweed and when chopped and put together with chopped tomatoes, onions and anchovy sauce (liquid bagoong) it makes the best accompaniment to fried fish.

After Mt Pinatubo erupted we saw less and less of that delicacy. I miss that so much.

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Something about riverweed
by: Mica

That riverweed side dish sounds delicious! I've never tried it. I thought you were talking about Lato, which I miss so much.

Riverweed is a freshwater version of seaweed. The reason why you probably don't get riverweed anymore is because a lot of streams have dried up after Mt. Pinatubo erupted.

It's still very much abundant in Laos. they prepare it like nori and add sesame seeds and they add these to soup.

Looks like I'll ask friends and relatives to search for Bala Iba or riverweed.

Preparing river weed sheets
Photo by h e r v e

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