Eating seaweed

by Sheila
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I take medication for an under active thyroid. I walk 10 miles and swim 1mile daily. My diet consist mainly of salmon and greens. I purchased some fresh seaweed from Wholefoods. I started eating the seaweed on a Sunday evening, Monday morning, Tuesday morning. on Monday and Tuesday I felt like I had symptoms of low blood pressure, hyperglycemia. My blood pressure tends to be on the low end. Could the symptoms be a result of eating seaweed because of its high content of Iodine?

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Dec 29, 2011
To Sheila
by: ruthy

My dear,
You walk 10 miles (!) daily, swim a mile a day, eat fish and vegetables - now you consume kelp - how much?

I think you are taking everything to great extreme and that is the cause of your blood pressure. Easy - take it easy - together with the hormone you are getting too much treatment for your thyroid.

Ease up.

Kelp in itself is just food. Eat as you like but be moderate, in everything.

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