Ecklonia Cava Seaweed (Serranol)

by Major Bowen
(Morpeth UK)

Due to the environment in the Far East, is this item safe after the Earthquake etc. (Radiation)? I'm a bit suspicious with the delay in providing the item, as the provider has run out of stock!

Kind Regards Mr M.E. Bowen

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by: Anonymous

Yes it is affecting the seaweeds! The seaweed on the western side of the USA has been tested and are finding traces of radiation in their seaweeds... The seaweeds on the eastern coast have still proven to be safe... The latest test done by the University of Maine showed no signs of radiation.

Clean non-polluted environment
by: You me everybody

The nuclear disaster of Fukushima contaminated/ wasted the ecological habitat at land and in the sea in a range of certainly 1500 kms at one strike for the next thousands of years ahead

You'll understand, that because of concern for maintaining good health, I'll never want to use the nuclear contaminated food supplements or food from Japan, Korea (and even North China).

Ecklonia cava and eisenia bicyclis from other regions than Japan or Korea is hard to find.

Therefore I need your help and all the help I can get.

So I want to ask you this serious question:

From which distributor, company in Africa, Antartic, Greenland, Iceland, Notway, Alaska,New Zealand, Australia or otherwise can I buy ecklonia cava and eisenia bicyclis seaweed that is 100% guaranteed nuclear radiation-FREE harvested in one of these regions?

The same question is okay for SAFE ecklonia cava harvested near Africa, Amtartic, Greenland, Iceland, Notway, Alaska,New Zealand, Australia or everywhere else in the world where there is NO nuclear contamination.

Please always give me a 100% HONEST answer.

I prefer buying a dried powder.

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