Gimme Five for the New Year

5 tips... 5 tablets... 5 rites

Gimme Five this New Year! The parties may be over but who says we need to stop celebrating? Life is great and January 1 is always a good day to be grateful.


From bad to good. This is the day I go over my bad habits (doesn't everyone have bad habits?) and see which I can work on. Out with the bad habit, in with the new. I've replaced soda or soft drinks with water years ago. I've switched from white bread to brown. I've swapped ordinary table salt for sea salt and seaweed, to name a few off my head.

And when I know deep down inside the bad habit has been replaced, I celebrate! I go for a walk, watch a movie, visit the library to read leisurely. Bigger achievements deserve bigger celebrations like making a day trip to Amsterdam or a weekend in Brussels.


Have you ever thought of getting yourself a journal for your journey to health? It doesn't have to be an expensive and fancy journal. A simple one will do.

Here, we write down what we ate, what we drank, any observations on the effects of certain foods our body is experiencing. This way, we get to understand our body more. Write down your healthy days and the days you're not feeling well. What were you feeling, not only physically but emotionally?

If you're starting with Algine Plus, write down your observation on how your body is doing.

At the end of the year, you can see how you've progressed. Don't forget to celebrate!

There will be off days but your health journal will help you stay on track. Don't be too hard on yourself.


Forget the four-letter word this year. D-I-E-T. The word "diet" has a very negative effect on me. Instead of saying,

"I have to go on a diet this year,"

you might try saying,

"I choose to eat healthy food this year."

Doesn't that sound better? And achievable? So, choose not only healthy food but also choose the words you use. Go for uplifting inspirational words instead of negative, degrading ones.


Starting the day with supplements. Nutrition is important and sometimes we just don't have enough time to prepare all-nutritious meals in the kitchen. To ensure I get my nutrients, I start off with my seaweed supplement. I've never felt better. My number one health issue was allergies, colds and sinusitis - on an almost daily basis. Today, I still catch an occasional cold, but I can count how many I had in a year, on just one hand!


Move that body. Go out for a walk, do some yoga or pilates, pick up those weights or just dance to music while doing the house chores (salsa works best for me). But if you want to try something different and effective, try out the Five Tibetan Rites.

These simple-looking exercises stretches the entire body and gets the endocrine glands working well that it increases your energy levels. For those above 40, your metabolism will be as good as it was when you were 25! Gimme five, the Five Tibetan Rites, that is. Click Here to learn more.

This year, I'm continuing my journey to a healthier me. How about making that journey with my sisters and I? We can celebrate even the tiniest achievements together - Let's keep this party going! Gimme five!

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