Guideline for kelp in a capsule form

Is there a guideline of how much Kelp in the capsule form to take a day, also is there a limit of how long you can take Kelp? I saw some Organic Kelp capsules grown off the Oregon coast but wondered how much, how long I can take them.

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Oct 24, 2012
Guideline for kelp in capsules NEW
by: Thorkil Degn Johansson

The primary guideline for how much or how little is the content of iodine, which vary a lot according to the type of seaweed family. The reason why it has importance is, too much iodine can cause a westener severe troubles an eastener is not facing, since their bodies by tradition is cultivated to manage a very high level of iodine. In the west we arn't since we have left seaweed behind for centuries, thinking of it as poor mans food to eat in cases of emergency only.
The family of Laminaria grows in the deep waters and have an extremely high content of iodine. This is suitable for the japanese people who are in front having upheld the ancient tradition to digest seaweeds regularly. The family of Fucus grows at the lowest water thinkable all over the northern globe. Compaired to the laminarians they have a much lower content of iodine, but still a lot more than any landgrown vegetable. This little more is just what we westeners need to overcome the state of having too little iodine from other sources and at the same time all the superb nutrients and compounds seaweed has to offer. My wife and I have taken capsules with the fucus seaweed Bladderwrack for years regularly. It benefits us tremendiously and the iodinelevel also support us extremely beneficial :-)

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