Healthy and Happy Holidays

12 Christmas tips
to keep you healthy
throughout the happy holidays

Happy Holidays! This festive season is all about celebrating with loved ones -- non-stop merrymaking, fun and... food! Who in her right mind can resist the lure of all that holiday fare when every dish seems to call out your name? How does one survive the happy holidays?

We've started a list and even checked it twice - 12 simple tips to help you survive and at the end of the season, you'll still be on track with your health - Ho-ho-ho!

1. Wear a pedometer while shopping. The first gift you buy is for yourself - a pedometer. One can imagine the amount of walking you’ll do checking out bazaars and malls for the best Christmas finds. We suggest you get yourself a nice pedometer (that teeny thing that counts your steps), to know exactly how many steps you’ve taken -- once you've reached 10,000 steps, you've had your healthy walk for the day.

2. Opt for Christmas luncheons instead of dinners! Planning a reunion with your relatives or friends? Make it lunch! This way, you’ll still have time during the rest of the day to burn those calories.

3. Dress your table with sumptuous fresh fruit. Enticing enough for everyone to grab and take a bite. Remind them that it’s not just for décor, it’s there to be eaten. ☺ Keeps the family healthy during the season!

4. Faced with a large Christmas buffet fare? Start by using a smaller plate so you’re not tempted to pile on the food. Fill ‘er up with salads then choose wisely with a balance of protein and low carbs. Dessert, anyone? Battling over sumptuous pastries or healthy fruit? Have both! Start off with your favorite fruit, then have a taste or nibble of that piece of pastry, if you just can't stay away. (Just a nibble, now!)

5. Potluck? Everyone you know will be bringing something rich or something sweet. Surprise everybody… bring seaweed salad! There are dozens of fascinating and delicious ways to prepare these zesty greens from the sea!

Check out our other seaweed salad recipes. Click here.

6. Drink, drink, drink your water. It’s unavoidable, you’re bound to eat a bit more during the Christmas season. One thing you should remember is to drink water. Help your body cleanse itself by keeping a bottle with you when you’re on the road, or shopping. Even at home! Sips of water during the day is very good for you. No need to fulfill your 8 glasses of water at one go, that will just strain the kidneys! (We don’t want to be jingling all the way).

7. Boost up with nutrients. Tis the season to be jolly, so the carol goes. But sometimes all the preparation to be jolly leaves us stressed. Stress triggers food binges or makes us skip meals. Both of which are unhealthy. Make sure you take in an excellent food supplement to provide the much needed nutrients for some serious jolly-making.

Personally, my immune system's gotten a good boost from these seaweed tablets. And with the winter months, you'll still be up and running with much needed energy.

8. Toast the season with sparkling water or fruit juice. Who says you can't get intoxicatedly jolly with non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling water or sparkling fruit juice? Or if you must drink that glass of wine, there's nothing wrong with watering it down. Besides, the sparkle or the spirit is found in the celebration with loved ones! That can be pretty intoxicating during the happy holidays :-)

9. Party hearty with low carb goodies! Who says you can't throw a mean party with some great-tasting low carb dishes? Search for your favorite Christmas recipes prepared with a healthy twist!

Why not begin searching for Healthy Christmas Recipes right now?


10. Hey sugar, go easy on the sugar! What are we to do when we’re faced with the enemy? Ah, you say, it’s Christmas, welcome them with open arms and your open mouth. In this case, I’m talking about pastries. If you’re baking your own goodies, healthier pastries can still be delish. If you are offered some from a good friend, a polite bite (or two) won’t pack in the pounds during the happy holidays.

11. Coffee, tea or a healthy me? Are you asking yourself that? Choose what’s good for your body. If you are with loved ones and the aroma of fresh espresso is enticing you, go ahead, take that one cup but be sure to enjoy every sip. The moment, after all, is shared with friends. No need to be mother superior strict about it. Tea would be a better option, but skip the sugar, if you can.

12. Jump for joy! It’s Christmas! Instead of getting burnt out and stressed during the holidays with loved ones, burn the calories and you will be stress-free! Jump for at least 20 minutes on your rebounder. For that added Christmas spirit, wear your favorite Santa cap and jump to rockin’ Christmas carols!

There you have it! 12 easy-to-remember Christmas tips to stay healthy and happy during the holidays. It's alright to be naughty and break the rules just a teensy bit. Most of the time, it's better to be nice to your body.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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