Heart Healthy Diet

Seaweed as the secret ingredient to a healthy heart

A heart healthy diet need not be complicated. We all know that eating more fruit and vegetables is one smart move to a healthy heart and this page includes information on the various kinds of seaweed for improving your cardiovascular health.

Seaweed contains beta carotene and thiamine, both of which possess antioxidant properties. They are beneficial for the general health of the blood and promotes good circulation. Each type of seaweed has its own role in a heart healthy diet. For example, brown seaweeds discourage the formation of blood clots and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. It's the algin in brown seaweed that dissolves the deposits inside arteries and gradually removes the existing build up of these deposits!

As for the rest of the other types of seaweeds, check them out:

Arame lowers blood pressure.

Bladderwrack photo courtesy of mgspiller

Bladderwrack is excellent for lowering chronic high blood pressure, balances blood sugar and prevents blood clots from forming. It also prevents atherosclerosis.

Hijiki purifies the blood and balances blood pressure. It is also used to prevent seizures.

Since Irish Moss is loaded with important nutrients, it has been traditionally given to recovering patients, particularly those who survived serious illnesses. This seaweed contains blood-thinning properties (an anticoagulant) thus may reduce high blood pressure and heal arteriosclerosis. Like Bladderwrack, it balances blood sugar.

Photo courtesy of Dan Mogford

Kelp in your meals improves blood circulation and and lowers blood cholesterol levels. It also contains minerals such as copper and iron and purifies the blood. Kelp also provides us with chloride that helps retain potassium in the body. Potassium is essential for heart muscle health.

Kombu does a lot of good for the heart. Eating from 5 to 10 grams of Kombu a day improves the strength of the blood vessels and diminishes plaque found in the vessels. What else does it do?

  • regulates blood sugar
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces cholesterol
  • prevents arteriosclerosis
  • purifies the blood
  • thins the blood
Nori not only tastes great wrapped around our favorite sushi, it also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improves circulation and promotes cardiovascular health.

Wakame, a favorite in Japanese dishes, prevents arteriosclerosis, lowers blood pressure, and purifies the blood. Japanese and Korean women take in soup and other dishes with wakame after childbirth.

So, do your heart a favor, start caring for it now by trying out some seaweed with your next meal.

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