Carrot, Onion & Hijiki

Photo courtesy of Bananagranola

This hijiki recipe is from the culinary delights of Susun Weed.

What you need

    1 cup dried hijiki

    1 cup warm water

    2 tablespoons olive oil

    2 onions crescent cut

    2 carrots diagonal cut

    1 tablespoon tamari

What to do

Soak hijiki in water about 20-30 minutes.

Cut onions in half from top to bottom, then cut into slices.

Cook onions in oil until very brown.

Put the carrots in an even layer over the onions.

Top with a layer of hijiki.

Add tamari and about half of the soaking water and cover pan tightly.

Cook until the carrots are tender.

Excerpt from Susun Weed's book: Healing Wise

Seaweed provides a multitude of gifts to the digestive system: soothing, disinfecting, and nourishing distressed surfaces, helping out with the metabolism of lipids, and maintaining a healthy balance of digestive yeasts and bacteria in the intestines.

Seaweed is an exceptional ally to the wise woman healing those with gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, ulcerated colon, colitis, constipation, watery stools, and other intestinal ills, thanks to its bio-available nourishment, high algin content, mucilaginous fiber, and rhythmical resonation.

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