How much salt does seaweed have?

by Micheal Herrea
(Miami FL, USA)

I really love the flavor but I have too much salt in my blood stream. What can I do?

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Jun 04, 2010
re: How much salt does seaweed have?
by: Mica

First of all, salt isn't bad for us. We need salt in our bodies to stay healthy. According to Valerie Gennari Cooksley, salt is the body's trasportation system for electrical energy. Without it, we will not survive.

Iodized salt, or table salt, contains only 3 types of man-made minerals. Our body needs 56 different types of minerals to function optimally -- and seaweed has all of these.

How much salt does seaweed have?

Sea vegetables provide bio-available, essential sodium balanced with potassium (as well as with calcium and magnesium) at relatively low levels per serving. For instance, Dulse contains less sodium per serving than one slice of most commercial breads and one half to one third the sodium in one cup of cooked beet greens. Kelp has 1/3 as much sodium, Alaria ¼, Dulse 1/8 and Laver 1/9 as 1/2 tsp. table salt! Read more at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables ' page.

Our body knows exactly how much sodium it needs. The excess is filtered out and goes to the kidneys. If we do not take care to reduce the amount of sodium we take, high blood pressure occurs and even might lead to kidney disease.

For more on reducing the intake of salt, please read Shake off the Salt Habit .

Jun 07, 2013
Sodium can be bad for you
by: Anonymous

Salt and more specifically Sodium can be bad for you if you have Ménière's disease. Unless you enjoy random vertigo attacks and insanity inducing Tinnitus.

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