Japanese seaweed from H-Market

by Mary Ann Boutilier
(Lowell,Ma USA)

I've been buying Japanese seaweed from H-Market where I can buy exact seaweed seasoning just like what they have in H-market or Japanese Restaurant. This Japanese salad is healthy tasty great for appetizer & snack.The only its kind of expensive but other than this its worth the money

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Japanese seaweed from H-Mart
by: Mica

Did you mean H-Mart? I wanted to check out the Japanese seaweed salad that you described. I am simply guessing you mean the chuka seaweed, a type of wakame.

This seaweed salad is soooo delicious! I tried making it at home but it just wasn't the same. (That's showing off, it actually tasted awful!)

I found a pack of chuka wakame in a plastic pack, and would like to know if we're talking about the same thing. Here it is...

chuka seaweed salad

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