Kelp or Nori?

by Dawn
(Johnstown, CO)

Nori sheets

Nori sheets

I am a little confused - is kelp and nori the same thing? Is one a seaweed and one a kelp? I am looking for the product that would be best used for thyroid problems along with high magnesium. Which product is considered brown algae? And would you recommend the fresh or supplement? How much do you need to take or eat. Thanks for your help.

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re: Kelp or Nori
by: Mica

Kelp and Nori are two different types of seaweed: kelp is a brown seaweed while nori is a red seaweed.

Do you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? I've written some info on kelp for hypothyroidism here.

Fresh seaweed vs seaweed supplement... it's always better to go for the fresh or dried seaweed but it also depends if you have the time to prepare your own meals or if there is someone who does it for you.

If you have a very busy schedule and value your time, a good seaweed supplement is valuable.

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