Kelp supplement to reduce cellulite

by Di
(Shortsville, NY)

I'd rather take a kelp supplement is there any you would recommend? - I do like squid and seaweed but all and all I think seaweed is an acquired taste.

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Oct 16, 2012
Seaweed supplements in US NEW
by: Thorkil Degn Johansson

There are severel seaweed supplements at the market in US one can buy online and have sent home. I've tried three of them just to test them out on my own body. I can't give links here, but searchnames are:
MODIFILAN - Pure Brown Seaweed Extract
Fibronol from AllergyResearchGroup
and SEAWEED SUPPORT from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables.
I can also recommend the online stores of California like John & Barbara Stephens Lewallens Mendocini Seavegetable Company. Just search for it and you'll find it :-)

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