Nutrient Loss

by Jim Scargill
(Manchester, United Kingdom)

Is there any loss of nutrients when cooking seaweed?

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Dec 20, 2011
by: Jim Scargill

Where is the answer to my question ?

Dec 20, 2011
Cooking seaweed
by: Mica

Yes, there is a loss in nutrients when cooking seaweed. It all depends on how you cook it, just as it is with the land variety.

Some ways to preserve the nutrients while cooking:
* Instead of boiling, try roasting or steaming the seaweed;
* Cook your seaweed while it is still fresh;
* Cook in low or medium heat;
* Take the seaweed off the fire before it overcooks.

Hi Jim! I try to answer all seaweed questions. Some are found here on the site and some are emailed privately. Sorry about the delay.

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