round cakes of dried seaweed

by Amy

What type of seaweed is often sold dried into round cakes? The packaging is mostly in Chinese and the only English says, "dried seaweed." It has a very strong flavor and I'd like to look up recipes to use it in, but can't figure out the variety.


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re: round cakes of dried seaweed
by: Mica

I am not familiar with the brand and tried searching for it online but I didn't get any info. You could ask the store owner next time.

The hard part in buying seaweed with language you don't understand is you can' read where the seaweed was harvested.

Best to buy seaweed with details of its origin.

Chinese seaweed
by: Groughy

You don't have to cook it. Just tear in into half your palm size and add it into your hot/warm soup. Average around 2 pieces per serving. Recommended for chicken soup. However, it does not taste good in creamy ones. Makes one feel full easily. Suitable as part of your dieting plans.

by: Sara

I had the same question at first, but the word laver is often in English on these packages, which is the same thing as Nori. Nori in America generally applies to the sheets used for sushi, but it is really just a type of seaweed/ nori/ laver. You can pull it into bits and add to hot soup, or even cut into bits for oiling, seasoning and roasting. Very simple to use, but yes, good to know where it came from.

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