Seaweed and your body

Did you know that seaweed and your body have something in common? Ocean vegetables are a reflection of the body fluids of a person—in good health!

"In the internal environment of our human system, and only there, do we find the same mineral make-up and the same physiognomy as that of seawater."
- René Quinton

Our body fluids have the same mineral composition as seawater. In his celebrated work Sea Water, Organic Substance (1897), noted scientist, René Quinton wrote, "In the internal environment of our human system, and only there, do we find the same mineral make-up and the same physiognomy as that of seawater."

Our blood, lymphatic fluid and intracellular fluid or plasma (the colorless fluid part of the blood), contains all one hundred or so minerals and trace elements that exist in the ocean. Just imagine, the necessary life-giving elements that circulate in the ocean currents, are the very same elements, and in very similar concentrations, that flow through our veins!

While we were babies growing in the comfort of our mother's body, we were swimming in fluids which has almost the same composition as that of seawater. Keep that in mind next time you see a pregnant woman walk by. She carries in her her own little ocean!

And get this, amniotic fluid is similar to the unprocessed sodium in seaweed! Seaweeds — the ocean’s main plant life — are just as abundant with the natural goodness of the sea. They act like sponges, and soak up all the minerals and trace elements found in seawater. When we consume these ocean vegetables, all the energy-rich nutrients are absorbed by our bodies and are easily integrated into our cells and tissues. This makes ocean vegetables our important link to the ocean—man’s vital source of life!

In conclusion, because seaweed and your body's mineral make up is similar, a daily diet of these ocean delights is the most natural way for us to re-mineralize, replenish any depleted nutrients, and rebalance internally — to keep us in good, vibrant health!

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