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Hi I live on the west coast of Vancouver island. There are a couple of species of kelp and or seaweed I cannot identify. could you send some pics of a

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Seaweed Is The UK's Hot New Restaurant Dish

Isn't it great to see that seaweed has not been neglected and is even making it as a hot ingredient in the UK's hip restaurants.

We can do this at home, too! Add some seaweed to your dishes at home.

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Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas buffet has seaweed

What type of seaweed is used by the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas in their buffet? It was green and seemed to have an appearance of fresh dill weed

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Brown seaweed from the gulf of Mexico

Is it edible? If so,how do i prepare it

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seaweed for lobster cocktail

I'm interested in an inexpensive, small amount of edible seaweed for a garnish w/ nice color for a lobster cocktail. Which is the best for me

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Powdered seaweed

How much powdered seaweed can be eaten daily and for how long a duration

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seaweed nutrition bar

Is there any profit to be made in making seaweed nutrition bar

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How can I grow seaweed hydroponically?

Any ideas?

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Nutritional value of E. Cottonii seaweeds

Do you happen to know the nutritional value of E. Cottonii seaweeds

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Main source of seaweed in California

Where does seaweed mainly come from for California seaweed eaters? Will it be affected by the Japanese earthquake

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too much Iodine?

I doubt you can easily get too much iodine from eating seaweed. Have you read the book Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it? Read

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How long do you boil thicker seaweed?

I want to place seaweed in my soups. Do you need to to soak the thicker type dried seaweed in water before throwing the seaweed into the water with other

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Mystery Seaweed

What kind of seaweed is this? And it says it has 40% calcium. That's the highest I have seen in any seaweed. What is this magical thing? Or do the bags

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Atlantic Patagonia seaweed

Hi, I live in the southern hemisphere (Atlantic Patagonia), and I'd like to find some info about the seaweeds we can gather here

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Ecklonia Cava Seaweed (Serranol)

Due to the environment in the Far East, is this item safe after the Earthquake etc. (Radiation)? I'm a bit suspicious with the delay in providing the item,

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What type of seaweed is popoklo?

It's also called rat's feet; saw it in a Pilipino market - also, what's it's nutritional value

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Sargassum seaweed for food

This year in Barbados and in many Caribbean Islands we have had an unusual amount of seaweed primarily Sargassum being deposited on our beaches. Satellite

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Nori sheets shelf life

Just wanted to know how long nori sheets last

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seaweed in the Caribbean waters

Why is there so much seaweed in the Caribbean afloat on the waters

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Eating seaweed

I take medication for an under active thyroid. I walk 10 miles and swim 1mile daily. My diet consist mainly of salmon and greens. I purchased some fresh

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I am experiencing hair loss

I have been experiencing hair loss for quite some time and heard that seaweed might help. Which kind should I purchase and how much should I consume?

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How much is too much?

I just ate a lot of kelp. Should I be concerned for my health? What is a serving of kelp

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Is the seaweed good from the beach

If I get seaweed from the beach, can I use it. It's not contaminated. Can I use it for the plants indoors and outdoors. Can I use it with any kind of plant

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Typical fishy smell from raw/cooked seaweed

Hi, I have a query regarding smell in seaweed. I am a vegetarian and i just want to add seaweed in my food but when i cooked them (or eat raw), a typical

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I have been eating Atlantic Nori for 4 weeks now and have had a total bowel cleanse from it

I have been eating Atlantic Nori for 4 weeks now and have had a total bowel cleanse from it. Is this normal

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Best place to harvest in Washington State?

Hi, I'm a soap maker in Seattle and I would love to start using fresh seaweed in my soaps and skin care products. Do you know of any great harvesting spots

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Are all seaweeds safe to eat, are there any that are poisonous?

I would like to harvest my own seaweed, but am unsure if I can just go and pick it out of the ocean (Atlantic, clean where I am) and cook with it. Is any

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Grow seaweed at home?

I recently went to Jamaica West Indies and found some seaweed that resembles Hijiki seaweed. I wrapped it in a plastic bag with water and brought it back.

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Size of the stipe of bladderwrack

is there a difference in the size of the stipe of bladderwrack as you go from low tide to high tide and why? Need to find out this information for my studies

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Poisonous seaweed?

Hallo, I want to start to harvest seaweed also. I'm living in Iceland and wondering if there is some website that shows different kinds of seaweeds and

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Malibu, California edible seaweed

I live in Malibu California. What is the edible seaweed in this area?

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How to prepare salted seaweed

I love the Seaweed salad typically eaten in Japanese restaurants and would like to try making it at home. I purchase salted seaweed, kaneryo kasio ogonori,

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Seaweed on shore in Corpus Christi, Texas

Can I eat the common seaweed that washes up on shore in Corpus Christi, Texas? It looks like a very rough stringy sponge with lots of little tiny balls

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Hengfai dried seaweed knot

I shopped at an Asian market, bought Hengfai dried seaweed knot 150g. I was intending to get Kombu. Is this similar? Thank

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Water based kelp extraction

Tips on how to filter and pasteurize a water based kelp extract

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Radioactive Contamination in Seaweed?

Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring site. I harvest seaweed annually for personal use off the Mendocino coast of California. I am wondering if I should

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Possible radiation toxic seaweed?

Is it still safe to harvest seaweed here on the north coast of California with all the radiation that is still pouring into the ocean from Japan

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Folate in seaweed

Is there folate in seaweed and if so how much

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Kidney stones and seaweed

How much oxalate does dry seaweed have

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what is kelp?

There are various of seaweeds, such as Wakame, Dulse, Nori. What is Kelp

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Radioactive iodine

If the seaweed contains radioactive iodine and you dry it and save it, does the radioactivity lessen the longer you wait before eating it?

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Seaweed in Kimchi

I have recently started making kimchi, it is so delicious! I have never used seaweed but would like to know how to prepare and use it in the fermenting

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Possible and obvious ocean pollutants?

I just love your site and have been picking red seaweed off rock, in May, for several years. This was in the near pristine waters of Alert Bay. I moved

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Seaweed storage

After drying the seaweed, would it be alright to vacuum pack the product in plastic bags and store them in the dark if I do not have opaque containers

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Fresh water lakes in Wisconsin

i, I was wondering if the plant life in a fresh water lake is also called seaweed? Can this plant be harvested to make fertilizer for my organic garden

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Oxalic acid coontent of seaweed

I have kidney stones and need to watch my oxalic acid intake to avoid making more of them. What is the level of oxalic acid in seaweed or different types

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Best place to get seaweed in Washington

Recently moved to Washington state and would like to know where are the best places to get Seaweed, and what is the best time of the year

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seaweed with tuna flavor

Thanks for being there, and for your offering help. I appreciate it. I've read several recipes for making what might be called mock-tuna salad. Most of

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Sea greens salad

Could you please share a good sea greens salad recipe with me? Thank

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maruyanagi dried seaweed

I just ordered some maruyanagi dried seaweed from an Asian online distributor but now I don't know how to cook it. It's very delicate sheets. (But tasty

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