Seaweed consumption and hypothyroidism

I am hypothyroid and take Synthroid and a thyroid supplement called Thyax. Should I be consuming seaweed and how much? I am about 50 pounds overweight in spite of being on this med. Would love to lose the weight. Would seaweed help that? I have a health food store nearby that carries a good supply of it. What would be the best form of it if I can use it? It was hard to decipher under the hypothyoid section whether it was safe for me to use seaweed.

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Apr 27, 2010
Re: Seaweed consumption and hypothyroidism
by: Mica

I'm not a doctor, so I would suggest you ask your doctor or a health practitioner regarding your condition.

As a fan of Dr. Ryan Drum, here's what he wrote on hypothyroidism:

1. Adequate dietary iodine.
2. Reduce or eliminate exposure to any and all iodine displacers.
3. Reduce or eliminate thyrosuppressive and thyrodisruptive foods.
4. Reduce or eliminate thyrodisruptive medications.
5. Ensure adequate dietary selenium..
6. Use a mineral supplement or high-mineral powdered kelp (not tablets), added to regular food as a salt replacement. Also, improve diet to include mostly organic whole foods and seaweeds.
7. Natural sources of thyroid hormone.

Complete article appears in thyroid disease

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Seaweed Benefits NEW
by: Samantha Daniel

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May 14, 2015
Thank You NEW
by: Henry Mathew

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May 22, 2015
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