Seaweed for teeth

by Miha

Which seaweed is best for teeth?

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Apr 27, 2011
Calcium and magnesium in seaweed
by: Mica

Certain seaweeds are very good for our teeth and bones. Our bodies need calcium and the help of magnesium for the bones and teeth to properly absorb the benefits of calcium.

The seaweed varieties rich in calcium and magnesium are:

Arame (has calcium, no magnesium)
Bladderwrack (no calcium, has magnesium)
Bull kelp
Hijiki (highest in calcium among the seaweeds, no magnesium)
Irish Moss
Nori (has calcium, no magnesium)
Sea Lettuce (has calcium, no magnesium)
Wakame (one of the highest sources of calcium)

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