Seaweed ice cream in Singapore

seaweed ice cream

Spent the past two afternoons roaming the passageways of VivoCity searching for beautiful faces for FEMALE's 50 Gorgeous People (check out my shirt!). It was a workout of sorts: I chased after a guy in a beige t-shirt through a crowd of shoppers, only for him to turn me down. Then I spotted a hunky dude in a green shirt and scaled down an escalator to catch him in my US$5 ballet flats as he disappeared into the MRT station. Our art director Audrey tried to catch up in her boots while writer Annie, in her 2.5-inch pumps, shuffled at best. Thing Infernal Affairs meets Devil Wears Prada. A killer on the feet.

seaweed ice cream So during our break today, Annie and I went to Uzumaki at HarbourFront. I had heard of the wasabi seaweed ice cream: a scoop of green ice cream topped with strips of Japanese nori served in a waffle cone.

The wasabi flavoured ice cream was sweetish with a tinge of zing, and it was complemented by the slight saltiness of the seaweed.

I wolfed it down because it tasted good, and also because we had to chase after yet another cutie. It'd be hard with ice cream dripping all over the VivoCity floor.

The things I do for my job.

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Char-grilled seaweed ice cream, anyone?

What an interesting concoction! The Japanese are known for their innovative and creative ice cream recipes and I'd just looove to try this out next time we're in Tokyo.

There are other wacky flavors available, like garlic, spinach and seafood with wasabi, but it's the char grilled seaweed ice cream that's on my wish list.
- Mica

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