Seaweed Pizza

Seaweed pizza is something you might want to try at home.

Sometimes I run out of ideas for an afternoon snack or early dinner on a Saturday night when I am just too lazy to cook. Here's an idea for pizza:

1 pizza crust (I did mention this is for when you're too busy or lazy)
olive oil
your favorite cheese :-)
your favorite seafood

Take a pizza crust and sprinkle olive oil on top.
Then add the chopped garlic and onions (if desired).

Grate your favorite cheese (mozzarella, perhaps?) and sprinkle on top of the crust. Next comes the seafood. Here are a few ideas: shrimp, tuna, salmon, anchovies...

Add the seaweed on top of all the ingredients. I love the taste of nori, but you can experiment with other types of seaweed.

Pop into your pre-heated oven at 220° for 15 minutes. This depends on the kind of crust you've picked.Don't have the time to cook from scratch? Try these seaweed tablets - they're as potent as the real thing. Click here and jumpstart to a new you!

Shake off the salt habit... with seaweed!

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