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Question Where can I buy dried seaweed that is not commercially harvested? Do you sell seaweed?

Answer We do not package our own edible seaweed yet. We do, however, highly recommend seaweed from Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose Herbs works directly with several harvesters on the Pacific Coast who gather seaweed by hand, and a strict emphasis is always placed on the sound and sustainable harvesting of this precious ocean resource.

Check out their selection of bladderwrack, dulse, irish moss, kelp, nori, sea lettuce and wakame.

Question I live on Catalina Island and need to get into the habit of harvesting kelp regularly. I have only an oven for drying, how do i go about drying it? And what about making kelp chips? Can I do that in the oven?

Answer Wow, lucky you! You get to harvest your own kelp! It is best to get just enough and not to overstock. Check out the instructions below to harvest and dry your kelp. Good luck!

Dried Kelp - More DIY How To Projects

As for the kelp chips, roast the kelp in 200 degrees in a slow oven until these are crunchy. That's it! Cool them a bit and they're ready to be nibbled.

When using a skillet, just cut the kelp into bite sized pieces and place them in a hot skillet with some sesame oil. Press with a spatula until crisp. You will also notice some change in color.

In addition, Dr. Ryan Drum writes about harvesting seaweed:

My personal and professional rules for seaweed harvest are very basic: choose the cleanest waters you can find and verify by talking to locals and calling ecology and health agencies before harvesting sea vegetables. Cut the seaweeds from rocks using stainless steel scissors, leaving the holdfasts and some plant material for regrowth; each specific seaweed has its own special harvest and processing requirements (see Lewallen and McConnaughey).

Harvest only what you will actually be able to process and use; try harvesting on cloudy cool days at low tide when the individual plants are not heat or drying-stressed, which means they will transport better and tend to yield a much tastier product.

I try to dry my seaweeds outside in the full sun for 4-10 hours all in one day; if this is not possible, I dry them, or finish drying them, inside at 80-100 degrees F using wood heat and small muffin fans for air circulation. I place them in airtight opaque containers immediately after they are totally dried.

Looking forward to other seaweed questions.

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Other Visitors' Seaweed Questions and Answers

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Corpus Christi Seaweed 
I harvested seaweed right off the shore in Chorpus Christi. I think it's Sargassum. Can I dry it and use it to make soaps?

Kelp supplement to reduce cellulite 
I'd rather take a kelp supplement is there any you would recommend? - I do like squid and seaweed but all and all I think seaweed is an acquired taste. …

best seaweed supplement 
What is the best seaweed supplement and where can i get it?

Can you grow, harvest and eat seaweed from a tank at home? 
I'm interested in a science experiment/art project that would involve growing seaweed in a salt water tank at home, then harvesting and eating it. Is this …

Guideline for kelp in a capsule form 
Is there a guideline of how much Kelp in the capsule form to take a day, also is there a limit of how long you can take Kelp? I saw some Organic Kelp capsules …

Seaweed on shore in Corpus Christi, Texas 
What kind of seaweed grows in Corpus Christi, Texas?

Seaweed on the beaches in California 
Is the seaweed on the beaches in California edible?

Nutrient Loss 
Is there any loss of nutrients when cooking seaweed?

Oxalic acid 
Is seaweed high in oxalates or oxalic acid?

Powdered seaweed 
How much powdered seaweed can be eaten daily and for how long a duration.

Seaweed Supplement Question 
I'm looking for a good seaweed supplement. Do you have any suggestions? Is Super Sea Veg made by FarmaSea a quality seaweed supplement?

Sargassum seaweed for food 
This year in Barbados and in many Caribbean Islands we have had an unusual amount of seaweed primarily Sargassum being deposited on our beaches. Satellite …

cyst on kidney and in other parts of the body 
What seaweed or can reduce cyst on kidney and in other parts in the body. I had read one time in the Woman's World magazine that some kind of seaweed did …

Eating seaweed 
I take medication for an under active thyroid. I walk 10 miles and swim 1mile daily. My diet consist mainly of salmon and greens. I purchased some fresh …

seaweed for spleen cancer 
I need seaweed for my uncle for spleen cancer and oyster shell powder. If you have, I am willing to try anything after the chemo please.

How much is too much? 
I just ate a lot of kelp. Should I be concerned for my health? What is a serving of kelp?

I have been eating Atlantic Nori for 4 weeks now and have had a total bowel cleanse from it 
I have been eating Atlantic Nori for 4 weeks now and have had a total bowel cleanse from it. Is this normal?

Best place to harvest in Washington State? 
Hi, I'm a soap maker in Seattle and I would love to start using fresh seaweed in my soaps and skin care products. Do you know of any great harvesting …

Seaweed for teeth 
Which seaweed is best for teeth?

Possible and obvious ocean pollutants? 
I just love your site and have been picking red seaweed off rock, in May, for several years. This was in the near pristine waters of Alert Bay. I moved …

High content of sodium in seaweed 
There does tend to be high sodium levels in seaweed. How to avoid this issue, since the relationship between sodium and hypertension is strong?

Seaweed Shots to drink? 
My friend said that there are Herbal Tea Cafes that have some kind of nutritional shots and thought it was seaweed...Is this true?

Does seaweed contains high cholesterol? 
How much should i eat in one day?

Thin blood 
Hello: I have very thin blood and bruise very easily, it's a blood disorder called ITP. I noticed after eating a snack size seaweed packet I got more bruises …

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Soaking seaweed 
Does soaking seaweed reduce its nutritional value? Should one use the soaking water?

Seaweed nutritional value 
How long does seaweed keep its nutritional value?

Is store bought organic seaweed safer than harvesting myself? 
I live 15 minutes from several beaches along the coast of California and I see so much seaweed floating on shore. I would LOVE to harvest it but am concerned …

Can i grow my own seaweed in a tank at home in the city? 
Can I grow my own seaweed in a tank at home in the city? And if so, can you please tell me how? Khepe-Ra, Massachusetts USA

Seaweed soap 
How much is the seaweed soap? Where can i buy the soap?

Newfoundland Canada seaweed 
I live in Newfoundland Canada and have been looking and looking for local seaweed information. How do you cut seaweed properly as to not hurt the plant …

Seaweed & Weight Loss 
Is dried seaweed consumption as valuable as raw consumption in relation to the weight loss topic? If so, how much dried should be consumed to replace …

Whitish spores on kelp 
Does the presence of the whitish spores on kelp affect its food safety or culinary qualities?

Can I use the Nereocystis or Bull Whip kelp I find at high tide on the beach? 
I find seaweed all over the beach after high tides.

I heard that seaweed is like spinach 
Full of calcium but the oxalic acid in the seaweed blocks the calcium from being absorbed. Would like to know if eating seaweed blocks the calcium from …

How much salt does seaweed have? 
I really love the flavor but I have too much salt in my blood stream. What can I do?

Seaweed as appetite suppresant 
I hear that seaweed is good to suppress your appetite, but how much can i eat and be safe?

Seaweed sustainability 
How do I know if the seaweed I'm buying is sustainably harvested? Like sustainable seafood, are there certain species or regions I should be aware of? …

Beginner harvester 
I live in Massachusetts and want to go harvesting seaweed in early May. Where do you suggest that I go? And this will be my first time. What resources …

Where is the best place to get seaweed things to help me loose weight? 
I am doing the best I can to loose weight but it is leaving extra skin. I would like to get down to the size i used to be without all the extra weight …

Can the seaweed that is washed up on the beach be used? 
Can the seaweed that is washed up on the beach be used? / CC BY-SA 2.0

Seaweed consumption and hypothyroidism 
I am hypothyroid and take Synthroid and a thyroid supplement called Thyax. Should I be consuming seaweed and how much? I am about 50 pounds overweight …

Where can I buy seaweed? 
Where can I buy seaweed?

Which of the available seaweeds has the most iodine, and is it easily assimulated? 
I have nodes on my thyroid. Which of the seaweeds would best help with iodine?

Vitamin K 
Is seaweed full of vitamin K? I am on blood thinners and cannot have Vitamin K.

If I need to avoid MSG should I stay away from kelp or kombu?

Vit D, seaweed and sarcoidosis 
Supplementing with vit D is contraindicated for those with sarcoidosis - seaweed contains vit D. Does this mean it shouldn't be taken by those with sarcoidosis? …

How much seaweed is needed for my body to have the benefit in skin care products?  
I would like to make a body scrub with powdered seaweed in it. Can you tell me what percentage of seaweed I need for my body to have the benefits of seaweed …

How Good Is Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills (Green) 
How Good Is Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills (Green)

Seaweed supplement 
Is there a seaweed supplement that you would recommend for those of us who do not like the taste of it?

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Seaweed contains iodine and I was told that iodine is not good for people with a sluggish thyroid. Is this correct 
Seaweed contains iodine and I was told that iodine is not good for people with a sluggish thyroid? Is this correct?

How much seaweed is a serving and what are the nutritional facts? 
What are the nutritional facts and analysis of one cup of soaked seaweed? Is it safe to consume if I am taking thyroid medication for hypothyroidism ? …

Topical Irish Moss & Dialysis 
I have a friend on dialysis who must limit his potassium intake. Do you know if soaked Irish Moss, used topically, would introduce a significant amount …

Do seaweeds have organs and tissues like humans do? 
Do seaweeds have organs and tissues like humans do?

Seaweed for thyroid health 
Can you tell me, what is the best type of seaweed to promote thyroid health. Thank you!

seaweed capsules 
Where do I find 500 mg seaweed capsules?

Coast of the Mediterranean sea 
I want to know if I can harvest any seaweed I find on the coast of the Mediterranean sea where I live. How do I know if it is safe? Is it as good as seaweed …

Allergic to fish 
I bought some vegetable tempura rolls with seaweed in them and wanted to be sure that they were alright to consume, since I have a fish allergy.

Dried kelp from the store 
I bought dried kelp, Do I have to wash it before putting it into my soup. If so what is the best way of washing it?

Cell structure 
I really want to look at red, green, and brown seaweed under a microscope, but don't personally own one. Could you explain what they would look like underneath …

Arame seaweed grown outside of Japan 
Looking for Arame seaweed grown outside of japan.... any leads?

Powder kelp 
How can you turn kelp into a powder for the soil for your plants?

Seaweed off the Calif coast 
What kind of seaweed grow off the Calif coast?

Can seaweed be eaten daily? 
Can seaweed be eaten daily if I have been diagnosed wth hypothyroidism? I have been on other sites that suggest eating the different seaweeds for 2 weeks …

Seaweed snack/chip 
what is best seaweed snack/chip and where to order?

Seaweeds (kelp) found on southern California beach, are they edible?

About laver 
The only seaweed I can find locally is laver, the sheets that are used for the roll-style western sushi. I have been cutting this up and adding to my kimchi. …

Is Bladderwrack safe? 
Could you shed some light on Bladderwrack? I read arguments for and against Bladderwrack. Please advise. Thanks!

seaweed nutrition bar 
Is there any profit to be made in making seaweed nutrition bar?

Where can I get hijiki? It has disappeared from the shelves 
I've been eating seaweed for many years..the hijiki variety seems to have disappeared from the health food stores..and can't find it at the local Korean …

Nori sheets shelf life 
Just wanted to know how long nori sheets last.

Recommended Daily Serving 
My 6 year old daughter has been eating seaweed for the past 4 1/2 years, since we lived in Asia and she was given a sample in the supermarket. What is …

I had my thyroid dissolved and I'm on medication. Can i eat seaweed on a regular basis or will it affect my meds?

seaweed in the Caribbean waters 
Why is there so much seaweed in the Caribbean afloat on the waters?

I am experiencing hair loss  
I have been experiencing hair loss for quite some time and heard that seaweed might help. Which kind should I purchase and how much should I consume? …

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Is the seaweed good from the beach 
If I get seaweed from the beach, can I use it. It's not contaminated. Can I use it for the plants indoors and outdoors. Can I use it with any kind of plant. …

Typical fishy smell from raw/cooked seaweed 
Hi, I have a query regarding smell in seaweed. I am a vegetarian and i just want to add seaweed in my food but when i cooked them (or eat raw), a typical …

Are all seaweeds safe to eat, are there any that are poisonous? 
I would like to harvest my own seaweed, but am unsure if I can just go and pick it out of the ocean (Atlantic, clean where I am) and cook with it. Is any …

Grow seaweed at home? 
I recently went to Jamaica West Indies and found some seaweed that resembles Hijiki seaweed. I wrapped it in a plastic bag with water and brought it back. …

Size of the stipe of bladderwrack 
is there a difference in the size of the stipe of bladderwrack as you go from low tide to high tide and why? Need to find out this information for my studies. …

Poisonous seaweed? 
Hallo, I want to start to harvest seaweed also. I'm living in Iceland and wondering if there is some website that shows different kinds of seaweeds and …

Malibu, California edible seaweed 
I live in Malibu California. What is the edible seaweed in this area?

How to prepare salted seaweed 
I love the Seaweed salad typically eaten in Japanese restaurants and would like to try making it at home. I purchase salted seaweed, kaneryo kasio ogonori, …

Nutritional value of E. Cottonii seaweeds 
Do you happen to know the nutritional value of E. Cottonii seaweeds?

Seaweed on shore in Corpus Christi, Texas 
Can I eat the common seaweed that washes up on shore in Corpus Christi, Texas? It looks like a very rough stringy sponge with lots of little tiny balls …

Hengfai dried seaweed knot 
I shopped at an Asian market, bought Hengfai dried seaweed knot 150g. I was intending to get Kombu. Is this similar? Thanks

Water based kelp extraction 
Tips on how to filter and pasteurize a water based kelp extract?

Folate in seaweed 
Is there folate in seaweed and if so how much?

Radioactive Contamination in Seaweed? 
Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring site. I harvest seaweed annually for personal use off the Mendocino coast of California. I am wondering if I …

Possible radiation toxic seaweed? 
Is it still safe to harvest seaweed here on the north coast of California with all the radiation that is still pouring into the ocean from Japan?

Kidney stones and seaweed 
How much oxalate does dry seaweed have?

Brown seaweed for weight loss 
I heard Brown Seaweed is slightly better than Green or Black Seaweed for weight loss and general overall health. Is this true?

what is kelp? 
There are various of seaweeds, such as Wakame, Dulse, Nori. What is Kelp?

Radioactive iodine 
If the seaweed contains radioactive iodine and you dry it and save it, does the radioactivity lessen the longer you wait before eating it?

Seaweed in Kimchi 
I have recently started making kimchi, it is so delicious! I have never used seaweed but would like to know how to prepare and use it in the fermenting …

Radioactive waste, nuclear fallout & toxins in seaweeds 
Any facts concerning nuclear waste/fallout & other toxins that might be found in Asian seaweeds? (which are cheapest I've found for years) Would soaking …

Main source of seaweed in California 
Where does seaweed mainly come from for California seaweed eaters? Will it be affected by the Japanese earthquake?

Seaweed storage 
After drying the seaweed, would it be alright to vacuum pack the product in plastic bags and store them in the dark if I do not have opaque containers? …

too much Iodine? 
I doubt you can easily get too much iodine from eating seaweed. Have you read the book "Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it"? …

Fresh water lakes in Wisconsin 
i, I was wondering if the plant life in a fresh water lake is also called seaweed? Can this plant be harvested to make fertilizer for my organic garden …

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Mystery Seaweed 
What kind of seaweed is this? And it says it has 40% calcium. That's the highest I have seen in any seaweed. What is this magical thing? Or do the bags …

Oxalic acid coontent of seaweed 
I have kidney stones and need to watch my oxalic acid intake to avoid making more of them. What is the level of oxalic acid in seaweed or different types …

Best place to get seaweed in Washington 
Recently moved to Washington state and would like to know where are the best places to get Seaweed, and what is the best time of the year.

seaweed with tuna flavor 
Thanks for being there, and for your offering help. I appreciate it. I've read several recipes for making what might be called mock-tuna salad. Most …

Sea greens salad 
Could you please share a good sea greens salad recipe with me? Thanks

maruyanagi dried seaweed 
I just ordered some maruyanagi dried seaweed from an Asian online distributor but now I don't know how to cook it. It's very delicate sheets. (But tasty …

Where does seaweed harvesting occur in scotland? 
Where does seaweed harvesting occur in Scotland?

Iodine contained in the seaweed 
Is the iodine contained in seaweed harmful to our thyroid if consumed in large quantities?

Kelp in a fish tank 
What does kelp need to live in a fish tank?

Seaweed in Blackpool 
I was wondering, can i use the seaweed gathered from this shore line for bathing and medicinal purposes?

Seaweed chips 
What is the procedure in making a seaweed chips?

Seaweed in Miami 
I spear fish here in Miami. How and where do i go in Miami oceans to retrieve an and cook my own seaweed?

Diabetes and psoriasis 
Will seaweed help with my diabetes and psoriasis?

Can seaweed help children to develop better mentally and physically? 
I want to know because in my family we rarely eat it and our IQ is lower than the Asians at schools.

Iodine in commercially available seaweed 
I would really like to know how much iodine is available in commercially available seaweeds? Also how much can i eat, as too much iodine is potentially …

Seaweed granules 
Can I take roasted seaweed (that is used for sushi) and make granules out of it? If not, do I get the granules at the grocery or a health food store?

Organic seaweed? 
If all seaweed comes from the ocean, wouldn't it be all considered organic? Why are only a few brands labeling them organic?

Oregon seaweed 
I live in Oregon and found some seaweed. Is all seaweed editable?

I would like to know how to prevent bacterial reaction in liquid seaweed. I am using seaweed powder. It causes the bottle to swell and sometimes has …

Where to Buy in Yokohama 
I live in Yokohama Japan. Can you help me by advising where to buy seaweed and any other health related products you may suggest in or near Yokohama …

Ocean Vegetables Seaweed Beauty Bar 
Where can I purchase Ocean Vegetables Seaweed Beauty Bar?

Edible chlorella 
Do you know where we can buy edible chlorella, how to store it, and approximate shelve life, any recipes you may suggest? We live in Miami, Florida... …

Poisonous seaweed 
Is there any type of seaweed that is poisonous to humans and if so, which seas would it grow in?

Very Low Tide/Chicken Feed 
What do you think of the idea of harvesting kelp at a very low tide, drying it and using it as a supplement for my chicken feed?

Does kelp have a positive or negative effect on the thyroid of patients who use synthroid? 
Do kelp supplements support the healthy function and/or growth of the thyroid in individuals who have congenital hypothyroidism? My 2 and a half yr old …

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Skin care 
I'm trying to make my own body wrap. What's the best way for me to turn it into liquid form or to extract the minerals/nutrition from the seaweed? I was …

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