Seaweed Recipes: believe it or not, healthy meals can be tasty!

"Me eat seaweed? Seaweed recipes? Yuuuck!!!"

Seaweed Questions?
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Alright, alright, you may initially think of seaweed as slimy, but when prepared well, these ocean vegetables are delicious and oh-so-nutritious. Give seaweed a chance and make it a part of your daily diet. Below is a growing collection of nutrition-packed recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

In no time, you will be saying, "Please pass the seaweed."

Hawaiian Recipes

Japanese Recipes
Kitchen Caravan Seaweed Recipes
Emma and Sophia of Kitchen Caravan have come up with 3 mouth-watering seaweed recipes and are sharing it with us at Ocean Vegetables! Want to try something refreshing with ingredients from the sea? These were made for the 4th of July celebrations, but hey, why not make any day a celebration? Check them out...

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Seaweed Drinks

Seaweed Salads
These seaweed recipes of salads add a different taste to our everyday meals. They're simple and nutritious. Add these to your main course or take it as a light meal in itself!
Seaweed Snacks

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Seaweed Soups

Vegetable dishes

Meal planning tips for busy bees
Do your weekly meals remind you of Too Fast Too Furious? As in too much fast food, they make you too furious after eating them? Wean yourself away from this nasty habit and don't let your busy schedule be an excuse.

  • Set aside some time each weekend planning out simple and healthy meals. Make your list so you don't miss anything out when you buy your ingredients. (Don't forget some seaweed!)
  • Back in the kitchen, organize your food stuff, even pre-cut them and keep them in the fridge. This will cut down preparation time during the week.
  • Spice up this activity by listening to your favorite music!

No recipes here, just yummy info
Beginner's Guide to Edible Seaweed
Edible seaweed isn't just a fad or probably a food dare out of Fear Factor. Seaweed has been eaten for centuries because of its nutritional value. There are different kinds of seaweed, just like there are different kinds of green, leafy land vegetables.

Improving Health and Energy
The greatest meals are tasty AND nutritious. Learn the basic nutrition of foods and keep your family healthy and happy.

Seaweed ice cream

Shake off the salt habit

Learn some insightful kitchen tricks and tips from Natures Super Foods, Super Recipes & Super Food Remedies. Living Longer & Living Younger.

Tips on how to eat
Did you know that it’s not just WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat that makes mealtime a truly healthy experience?

Snacking on chips and cookies has long been outlawed in our family. But when my sister flew home from Singapore and pulled out a bag of crispy seaweed, I asked...

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Seaweed Recipe Questions

Got seaweed but don't know how to transform them into delicious and healthy dishes? Ask away!

To most of the readers, seaweed is still something to experiment or try out. Let's help each other with our knowledge and experience to be able to create new dishes the whole family will love!

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Seaweed instead of salt? 
My husband has polycystic kidney disease and has to avoid salt. Can I use seaweed as a substitute?

Soaking dry seaweed 
I soak the dry seaweed for 20 minutes but it still remains firm. How do I get it soft?

Kelp cookies 
What is the recipe for kelp cookies?

Adding Seaweed to Recipes 
I want to sneak some seaweed into some foods my family already likes. Please offer suggestions.

Diani South Coast 
I live for 2 years on a beach, Diani South beach in Kenya. Early morning, when the tide was slowly receding, I used to go to a rock protruding from …

How to make seaweed chips 
because i have an investigatory project about making chips out of seaweed.

How can I roast and salt dried seaweed?  
My guess is to layer the sheets, placing salt between the layers and bake at 275 for 5-7 minutes. Am I correct?

How resistant are sea vegetables to heat? 
I'm transitioning into a vegetarian diet. In particular, a raw food diet. I'm still very new to this and I want to make sure I'm getting the healthiest …

Access to lots of kelp 
How do I dry kelp and make it into a spice or a seasoning? / CC BY-NC 2.0

Prepare seaweed for cooking 
How do you prepare seaweed for cooking?

Seawed pattie or seaweed loaf recipe 
I really don't like the fishy flavor of seaweed, but want to. So I'm thinking . . . make it like a fish sandwich, fried with tartar sauce and a bun. Any …

Recipes for baking spirulina and chorella 
We are building several family-ponds for growing Spirulina and Chlorella. I was hoping that you might have wonderful recipes for making baked goods. …

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