Seaweed slimming soap

Lather up for a meltdown

by Rissa C. Gimenez

This seaweed slimming soap is my little secret and I'm happy to share it with others who would like to meltdown those unwanted fat deposits - easily!

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Giving birth started out as a yearly event and after giving birth to four wonderful boys (the eldest being a hefty 9-pounder), my body got a beating from my multiple pregnancies. I carried a 136 lb. body in a 5’ 2” frame! So you can just imagine I needed all the help I could get to bring back the tone and form of my former 109 lb. pre-pregnancy self.

After my fourth son, Michael, I finally decided to give birth for the fifth time… to a new me!

My health and weight loss protocol included 20-minute walks in the neighborhood or taebo workouts 3 times a week, 30-minute weight training two to three times a week and a low-carb diet. Within 6 months, I whittled down to a size 4.

Since I started my daily dose of seaweed tablets I further dropped to a size 2. No pain. No hunger. No struggle at all!

Then finally, a few weeks back, I added the most luscious part to my regimen… bathing in seaweed soap and soaking up all its delightful benefits!

Seaweed soap’s high mineral content “flushes” away fatty deposits under the skin which made me lose an additional ½” in my waistline in just 7 days! Unbelievable! I was so thrilled and still am!