Shake off the salt habit….
with seaweed!

by Rissa C. Gimenez

Shake off the salt habit

Shake off the salt habit with these easy to follow tips.

Salt, one of the treasures from the ocean, is necessary for the survival of all living creatures (including humans). That’s because salt helps regulate the water content (fluid balance) of the body.

But putting too much salt in your meals has an unhealthy downside. Excessive salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure, which may lead to a host of other cardiovascular diseases. In fact, since 1994, studies have shown a direct link between too much salt in the diet and hypertension.

Here’s a good and healthy alternative: seaweed!

Sea vegetables or seaweeds are potent sources of natural, balanced iodine. Iodine is essential to life and the thyroid gland cannot function without it. Iodine is also a major deterrent to arterial plaque.

So how do you cut back on salt and still enjoy your meals? Try these simple tips:

  • Can the canned food. Stop eating canned or prepackaged foods. Salt (as sodium) is used as one of the preservatives in the processing of these products. Still insisting on canned goods? Wash them off with water to remove some of the salt content.
  • Give your palate a different adventure! Instead of just salting away, open your mind and taste buds to new flavors. Try using fresh herbs, lemon or orange zest, and pepper to spice up your meals. Drizzling lemon pepper on my entrées used to be my personal favorite until I discovered to…
  • Add toasted seaweed (nori) to dishes. I add mine to rice, soups and certain dishes. Experiment! Seaweed, rich in natural iodine from the sea and has the natural taste and goodness of seawater! A perfect salt alternative!

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