too much Iodine?

by Steve S.
(Smithfield Township, PA)

I doubt you can easily get too much iodine from eating seaweed.

Have you read the book "Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it"?

Read it and then tell me I can get too much Iodine from eating seaweed. My wife took 50mg a day of Iodoral for 90 days with no problems. It depends on what form of Iodine you are getting and I doubt that the natural iodine in seaweed would present a problem.

Consider the following:
Our Bangkok contributor Ted writes, "Iodine is taken when you suspect you have a deficiency. But it is not taken everyday at all and often it is taken once or twice a week. Only when you know you need it. Seaweed contains both iodine and bromine, which generally means you can't overdose on iodine. The reason is simple: bromine displaces iodine. But when bromine and iodine are present together, it makes for iodine bioavailability, while bakery products high in bromine will displace the iodine. The interesting thing is when bromine and iodine (found in nature) as in seaweed are found together, once the body doesn't need iodine it can easily be removed due to the presence of bromine. I have not seen any case of excess iodine consumption from taking of seaweed, but I have seen quite often excess consumption of iodine when they are added in the salt and taken too much. The reason is nature presents us with many minerals in their respective ratios and their antagonism preventing such an overdose and allowing the body to achieve greater equilibrium. This issue appears to be consuming foods from natural rather than chemical if you fear of any possible overdose. Ted"

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