Tropical Beach Salad

This tropical beach salad is easy to make, even your 9-year old can do it for you!

seaweed, lato
Always dreamed of the tropical sun on your face? Or the balmy sea breeze on your skin? How about a whiff of coconut oil on your shoulders? And perhaps sand in between your toes? Experience a tropical summer in autumn with a burst of the tropics in your taste buds!

Eaten au naturel, green seaweed (sea grapes) tossed with pomelo and ripe mango is a robust, crispy and juicy side dish! It is perfect with any grilled entrée! Our favorite is with St. Peter¹s fish (tilapia). Bite into this delightful salad and the goodness of the ocean and tropical fruits burst in your mouth!

You need:

Green seaweed, or sea grapes
Lettuce, half a head
Pomelo, 1 piece
Mango, 1 piece, diced

How to do it:

1. Wash lettuce, sea grapes.
1. Line a medium sized bowl with lettuce.
2. Add some seaweed.
3. Place cut mangoes.
4. Arrange pomelo in between mangoes.
5. Top with more seaweed.
6. Drizzle with vinegar, if desired.

Serve and enjoy!