Weight loss information

Lose weight
naturally and efffortlesssly

Below are simple weight loss information and ideas you may want to consider weaving into your lifestyle.

We all dream of having that gorgeous body… of fitting into that little black dress or skin-tight jeans… of staying super slim well into midlife. Now is a good time as any, to start realizing that dream. Just follow these simple and easy ways to keep the fat off while staying healthy in the process.

1. Drink a glass of water immediately upon rising.
Ideally, the water should be distilled. Tap water is a no-no. Drinking water starts your body’s metabolism and cleansing. (The easiest thing to do in our list of weight loss information.)

2. Eat a big breakfast.
Just following this weight loss information for breakfast will have you full of energy for the morning. Take note: 80% of overweight people eat little or no breakfast at all while eighty percent of thin people eat a large breakfast! A healthy breakfast should consist of fresh fruits like pineapples and apples, rye bread, butter, plain yogurt, sardines, eggs, and veggies like carrots and peppers. Coffee made with pure not tap water is recommended. For tea, real tea is better, not the ones in tea bags.

3. Drink eight glasses of distilled water each day.
Water flushes out the toxins from your fat cells. In fact, you need water to lose weight.

4. Walk for at least one hour, nonstop, per day.
The body is designed to walk! Research shows that walking resets your weight’s set point and creates a thin, lean body. Walk everyday and see the difference in as little as one month.

I'm lazy to head down the local gym
I think there are some people who are motivated by working out with others in a gym. That, on the other hand, doesn't work for me. Instead, my form of enjoyably burning calories is brisk walking or cycling. If you're not enjoying the form of exercise you currently do to lose weight, try out other things. Ballroom dancing, tai chi, swimming... there are lots to choose from! An improved attitude is sometimes the missing ingredient to losing weight.

5. Do not eat after six p.m.
You can eat all day long, but stop before 6 pm. Let natural digestion take place and not overwork your tummy. Not eating after six helps you lose weight.

6. Consume 100% organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil.
Studies have shown the positive effects of pure virgin coconut oil as a daily food supplement.

Below, Dr. Mercola talks about the benefits of adding virgin coconut oil to your daily diet.

7. Eat grapefruits all day (organic, suggested).
There is an enzyme in grapefruit that burns fat. Eating lots of this fruit speeds up the fat burning process.

8. Avoid monosodium glutamate (MSG).
MSG is excitotoxin. It makes you fat and causes a lot of medical problems, too.

9. Absolutely no diet sodas or diet food.
Diet sodas make you fat contrary to popular belief. They are addicting so you tend to drink more, not less. Diet sodas are being promoted heavily only because they are cheaper to produce than regular sodas.

10. Avoid fastfood or chain restaurants.
Need we say more?

11. No high fructose corn syrup.
This sweetener makes you fat and is physically addictive. Check the label of the products you buy and avoid the ones that have corn syrup as ingredient.

12. No white sugar or white flour.
White sugar is physically addicting and makes you fat. Sweeten your food using natural sweeteners like raw sugarcane juice. White flour when mixed with water turns into paste. It is not only fattening, it can also clog up your digestive system, slowing down your metabolism. If you have to use flour, choose the organic whole grain kind instead.

13. Eat organic apples all day.
It is true. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are loaded with bulky fiber and nutrients. They help normalize blood sugar and decrease your appetite.

14. Eat only organic meat, poultry, and fish.
If you really want to lose weight, eat as much organic meat and poultry as you can. Fish should be farm-raised.

15. Limit dairy products.
Consume organic dairy products like milk, cheese, and butter if you want to stay within your healthy weight level. But to lose weight, you need to reduce your intake of dairy regardless of what you are getting.

16. Eat a big, huge salad at lunch and dinner.
You can eat a hamburger sandwich or even french fries for lunch, but have a big, huge salad first. If possible, eat an all-veggies salad flavored with organic olive oil, lemon juice or organic vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is better if you want to lose weight faster.

17. Rebound.
A rebounder or mini trampoline helps stimulate and strengthen every cell in your body simultaneously. Jumping gently on the trampoline for ten minutes a day, increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

18. Add hot peppers.
Anything spicy or hot increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. Enjoy scrambled egg with some organic pepper salsa for breakfast and lose weight in the process.

19. Use organic apple cider vinegar.
This has some magical property which helps eliminate fat cells from the body. Take a couple of teaspoons before each meal and you are sure to lose weight.

20. Breathe.
Oxygen burns fat. Learn the techniques of breathing to help stimulate metabolism and the body’s fat burning capabilities.

21. Add muscle.
Muscle burns fat. Doing yoga, Pilates or any old fashion basic exercise help increase your body’s metabolism.

22. Fast.
One of the fastest ways to lose weight yet the hardest. Go on a proper juice fast for 21 days to completely detoxify your body and flush fat cells. Fasting is one of the most effective ways to reset your body’s weight point so that you keep the fat off.

23. Cheat whenever you want.
You sometimes crave for ice cream, cookies, and cakes. Do not deprive yourself. It is better to eat something without guilt than not eat something and feel bad about it. When you do get the urge to eat sweets, go to a health food store (instead of a supermarket) where there are several organic foods to choose from. You can enjoy these treats without the usual processing and chemicals present in other packaged goods.

24. Eliminate the “uncontrollable” urge to eat when you are not hungry.
Not following the urge to eat helps you eliminate addiction to food and uncontrollable urges to eat. This is sometimes referred to as “emotional eating” wherein anxiety or unfounded fear and even lack of activity trigger the urge to eat and eat.

25. Take a whole food supplement daily.
Unlike vitamins that are synthetic, food supplements are “concentrated, real food”. These include chlorella, blue-green-algae, spirulina, royal jelly and other concentrated whole herbs, plants, dehydrated juices and/or sprouts. Remember due to lifestyle, pollution, bad eating habits and stress, your body can be deficient in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and various cofactors. Fact is, there is no way you can get all the nutrients you need by simply eating food.

Source: Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures” book