What type of seaweed is popoklo?

by Joe
(San Diego, CA)

It's also called "rat's feet"; saw it in a Pilipino market - also, what's it's nutritional value?

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by: Mica

Photo by urtica

Popoklo got me curious because it's a type of seaweed and you mentioned that you saw it at a Filipino market. I'm Filipino and never heard of it, so I suspected that this must be Hawaiian.

I am also learning here. Pretty interesting!

This is what I've read:
Popoklo is Limu wawae'iole.
Limu wawae'iole is also known as codium, a type of green seaweed.

It is shaped like rat's feet, it stimulates the appetite. Try it with raw octopus and onions or add it to salads with tomatoes, onions, ginger, shoyu and garlic.

Codium is eaten raw or cooked and is a good source of vitamin A. At least one species is known to contain compounds that are active against tumours. Some types help to remove intestinal worms.

popolko seaweed
by: wijjiam

I just picked up some of this seaweed up from a fishers market. Ive never had seaweed but i bought it for its nutritional value. It smells kinda nasty, do i need to clean it first? It seems like it should be cooked first. Does it lose its nutrition when cooked or should i eat it raw? is it safe to eat raw? so many questions....

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