Turn the Winter Blues
to Winter Woo-hoos

Take your dog out for a walk on a sunny winter day.
Oh no, the winter blues. I've enjoyed the winter wonderland during the holiday season and now comes reality. Short days and, brrrr, cold nights. Grumpy would have been a good nickname for me during my first winter. It is now my second winter in Holland and I am learning to deal with the whole winter experience. How?

Go out and walk
When the sun is out, so am I! I get all wrapped up and invite our dog out for a long walk to be able to soak up the sun's rays and get my (oops, I mean our) dose of Vitamin D. Hey, even our beloved pets need the sun and exercise! By the time we're back home, we both have a sunnier disposition. Try it!

When the weather's bad, and you just want to stay in, light exercises help cure that depressing feeling you have lurking inside you.

Keep lip balm within handy reach.
Skin care during winter
All skin types go dry during the winter months. Even the oiliest of skins! Since not all of us can fly south for the winter, we need to be armed to combat the drying effects of winter on our skin such as fine lines, crow's feet (oh no!) and flaky skin (not pretty). So be prepared.

Keep the skin moisturized by doing simple things like:

  • Drink enough water daily to keep the body hydrated.
  • Switch to a lotion-based cleanser for the winter.
  • Use a toner that is low in alcohol content. Alcohol dries the skin!
  • Seaweed does wonders to the skin so I suggest pampering your face with a seaweed mask.
  • Our lips have a tendency to get chapped due to the dry air, so keep a lip balm within handy reach.

For the body, a relaxing or rejuvenating massage or a seaweed bath brings back the moisture to our winter skin.

Nothing like hot miso soup
to warm up a winter day. Here's our recipe of miso soup to beat
the winter blues.
Miso hungry
Winter is a great time for soup. I keep a pack of miso in the fridge so I can easily cook up a bowl of miso soup when I'm in the mood for it.

Rissa, Pinky, our 4 other sisters, and I grew up spending summer vacations in Japan and fell in love with the soup at a young age. There are 2 reasons I love miso: I know it's good for the body and it takes me back to those lovely summers in Japan.

Throw a Winter Blues party!
Invite a few friends over and enjoy the winter afternoon with good company. Prepare light soups and mini-sandwiches, thirst quenching drinks (winter air is very dry) and some fun activities!

How about moisturizing facials, seaweed masks, invigorating foot massages? Listen to soothing music all throughout the afternoon. Hmm, Hawaiian music or Bosanova would set the setting for that sunny feeling.

Fun, healthy activities shared with good friends is a sure remedy to turn the blues this winter to winter woo-hoos!

Proceed from our Winter Blues page to our Seaweed recipes page for more soup ideas.

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